Welcome to the Tigger5 website!

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I hope that visitors here will find something interesting, useful or at the very least funny. This being said, there will also be comments and language that some of you may disagree with or find offensive in the "Raves & Rants" section. If you are "sensitive" or cannot handle certain views, then, thank you for visiting and I suggest you leave now.

Pet Memorial

Most of the focus will be on the "Pet Momorial" section. As you see, I have a strong fondness for Dogs, Cats and animals in general. The Pet Memorial section is available to anyone who wishes to include their dog or cat.

Tips, Ideas and General Info

There will also be tips, ideas and general info least of which concerning the City Of Laval (Ville de Laval), City Of Montreal (Ville de Montréal), The Quebec Provincial Governement and the Canadian Federal Governement.

Jokes and Humor

To (hopefully) put a smile on your face, there will also be a section containing what I think are funny jokes in various formats (vidoe, audio, images and text).

Enjoy your visit and thank you for passing through. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me (you can find the information on the "Info" page).

... And Raves & Rants

Coming Soon...(hopefully), along with an undecided section..The ideas are there...it's deciding what...lol.

tigger5 (Dec 10 2011)

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